Wisconsin Stingrays Code of Conduct Agreement

Stingrays Softball Code of Conduct and Team Policies The Stingrays Softball philosophy is to provide the selected baseball players professional coaching and instruction in a positive team atmosphere. The goal is to provide the players with an opportunity to compete at the highest level. In order to achieve this goal, the organization has a few team guidelines for the players and the parents of the program. By doing this, Stingrays Softball believes that it will give each member, player, and parent a common understanding of how the organization will represent itself as a collective group, as individuals, and as teams.

1) Pre-game warm up is for the players and coaches only.

2) During games, players should be focused on the game and coaching staff. We understand that most of the player’s parents have coached, but during games it is very important to let the coaching staff on the field coach the team.

3) During the games, it is required that the parents are supportive of all players and remain positive towards teammates, coaches, umpires, and all opponents.

4) The team goal is to represent the organization in a professional manner at all times.

5) Parents and players will be evaluated on a periodic basis regarding performance and behavior.

6) No Monday night quarterbacking. After a loss or a bad performance, you are not to discuss the negative. It is best to pack up and go, and work things out at practice or team meeting.

7) We will not accept or give any regard to any concerns about our team within 36 hours. After a 36 hour cool down period, any concerns still bothering anyone will be looked at. Please email those with the reasoning behind your concerns. We will not accept any manner of questioning or criticizing of our coaches by players, parents, or family. There will be dire consequences for anyone doing this at the ballpark or parking lot, which would be an embarrassment to the organization.

8) Discussing playing time or game strategy with the coaching staff is not allowed by parents. If a player is not happy with their playing time or role in a game, they need to discuss it with the head coach.

9) Uniforms need to be of team colors and worn in a proper manner. No wearing former teams apparel.

10) No jewelry.

11) No parents in the practice area, field, or the dugout.

12) Parents are not to approach the dugout during a game unless in the case of an injury or asked by a coach.

13) Players need to address the Coaches as ‘COACH.’

14) There will be no physical confrontations between parents or players. Verbal confrontations will not be tolerated.

15) We have one official score book, kept in the dugout.

16) Diet between games needs to be healthy and light.

17) No swimming on game day until all games for that day are completed.

18) Respect! Coaches, teammates, umpires, opponents, fans, and the facilities we enter.

19) Parents are not to speak or complain to the tournament directors about anything involving the tournament. The organizational representative will be the only person to speak to a tournament director about anything. This is nonnegotiable.

20) Parents are not to consume alcohol at the tournament sites while games are in progress. All of these rules can usually be avoided with common sense and respect for the game of baseball. We have created this organization with the mindset of being professional in everything we do. Please understand that every team at some point has challenges, yet whining and complaining will never fix any of them or help prepare your son for future challenges.

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